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Fordyce Creek

Middle Fork Feather, Bald Rock Canyon

N. Fork Feather, Tobin section

Pauley Creek, Upper and lower.

South Silver

East Fork of the Kaweah


N. Fork Feather, Tobin section, June 1, 2002 (First ever scheduled release 1600 cfs, thanks American Whitewater!).

Scouting the first large rapid.

More scouting...

Looking upstream at the runout of the first large one.

Norwood Scott and Tom Meinholtz zigging through the holes.

Paddler is entering on a river right slot. Note the big hole at the bottom.

Josh Bruckner


Index for California, 2002


Pauley Creek, Upper and lower.

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Middle Fork Feather, Bald Rock Canyon (840 cfs. Bald Rock Canyon is one of the most beautiful gorges I have ever encountered. But we were not prepared for the toll the river takes. There are many class V+ or VI (Cali class V, not eastern class V) rapids that we decided to portage.  As a further exasperation, the rocks are extremely slick. We encountered a group that had hiked in to recover their friends boat. He had slipped portaging four deaths the previous day and broke his leg. The portages are grueling. The rapids are tough. This is a humbling run.  Have a strong group, good water level (600-800 cfs) and a guide if possible. A note on portaging Atom Bomb. We tried portaging the first part on river left. We retreated as it seemed too dangerous. If you cannot stomach a seriously exposed situation, take the time to portage on river right, then ferry across to river left ( in the bowels of Atom Bomb) and finish the portage on the left.).

Entering the gorge...

is it too late to turn back...

Yes! Atom Bomb Falls.

Josh Bruckner in one of the runnable rapids.

Josh escapes the grips of a hole which minutes later took a liking to me and my boat.

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Fordyce Creek (350 cfs).


John Grace

Nate Helms

John Grace

Josh Bruckner

Nate in Split Falls

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South Silver (June 8, 2002).

The upper section (scroll down to see more).

A hidden log pinned this kayaker, beware.


Blue angel formation

Jay and Kevin (in the pothole on river right).

Bottom of autobahn

Nate Helms


Kevin Collins

Josh Bruckner

The beginning of the waterfalls.

John Grace at the top of the waterfalls

David in first drop of Skyscraper

Bottom of Skyscraper

Nate Helms in Skyscraper

Exit of skyscraper

Hey, you with the camera, got any beer?






Mystery button X in Photoshop

East Fork of the Kaweah, 2005.

Devon Pearse of Santa Cruz, CA sent me these great photos of their run on the EF Kaweah. Damn, I am going to have to make another journey back to Cali land!

Devon dropping in.

Another group scouting Triple Drop.

Devon dropping in again, shot 1 of 2.

Devon dropping in again, shot 2 of 2.

Rapid they called "Driftwood" cause that is how you and your boat behaved in the currents.




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