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Encampment River


Encampment, June 27 2005.

David, Gary and I headed up from Steamboat Springs to run the Encampment at ~1100 cfs. What a great run, 15 miles of beautiful scenery, semi-continuous class III-IV rapids with one class V section of about 100 yards endearingly named Damnation Alley. We mistakenly put in at Hog Park Creek, thinking it was the river. After about 2 miles of low volume creeking, the Encampment River slammed into the creek and off we went. After several miles of big, fun class III-IV we came up on Damnation Alley. DA is a straight shot through a series of ledge holes of various configurations. Just gun it down the middle. See the great pics David Miller took of us below. After DA the river continued for several more miles of solid III-IV action. Nothing too hard but a lot of large holes to miss or dodge. Gary got tired of missing all of the fun and dropped into one of the larger holes and after a frenetic surf, excited with a big smile. If only he stayed in the hole long enough for a photo.

Saw this on the way to WY.

Bear ambling along.

The put in at Hog Park Creek.

Hog Park Creek.

David Miller on the Encampment

Gary Elledge

Some shots of the III-IV boogie.

Gary in Entrance Rapid above Damnation Alley

David catching an eddy in Entrance Rapid.

Gary coming out of the 2nd ledge hole in Damnation Alley


Alex in Damnation Alley.


The runout of Damnation Alley

Gary and I discussing our next move below Damnation Alley

More runout of Damnation Alley, Gary punching a big hole.

David surfing the scenery.

Cool rocks.

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